Islay Communications (EYE-la) is a New York-based Communications Technology Company and Consultancy.

Islay Communications is the developer of CommunicationsMatch.com, a communications agency search engine that connects companies with communications professionals.  The company also developed “Community Engagement” web-based technology platform, YourTownhub.com.  The platform has been adopted by towns in the Hudson Valley (Gallatin, NY). A customized version of the platform was also used by the Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA®).

Islay Communications is a strategic advisor to clients in the financial services industry on communications and marketing strategy.

Islay Communications was founded in 2013 by Simon Erskine Locke, a communications leader, communications technology expert and entrepreneur. Locke spent summers on his father’s farm on Scotland’s Isle of Islay, before embarking on a 25-year communications career at investment banks and the insurance/asset management industry.

Locke was formerly head of U.S. Businesses and International Communications at Prudential Financial.  At Morgan Stanley in Tokyo, he was head of Corporate Communications, Japan, where he developed the company’s Intranet platform, which was adopted around the world. At Deutsche Bank, he was based in New York before being appointed head of communications for Asia Pacific and Japan.  At Deutsche Bank he developed an intranet platform for delivering news around the world.

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